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It's easier to make people cry than do otherwise. Charlie Chaplin once said he always liked walking in the rain because no one will notice him crying.
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He was the highest paid actor, and possibly person, in the world in 1916 earning $10,000 a week. These featured comedians all had their share of rocky days prior to being one of the top American comedians of all time. Charlie Chaplain was and is perhaps the greatest comedian who ever lived. He was born in 1889 to a small-time actress, his mother, who was in and out of the mental hospital. He quit school at 10 and worked as a mime on the British vaudeville circuit. The poverty he suffered in his early years inspired him the Tramp's costume. Who could forget the hilarious American comedians Three Stooges who made any generation laugh with their brand of slapstick comedy? The Howard brothers, Moe, Jerome (Curly) and Shemp were raised in a small Jewish community in Brooklyn's outskirts. The siblings got into showbiz with the help of Ted Healy – Moe's friend, in 1922. In 1934, after breaking up with Healy due to the latter's alcoholism, they signed up to star in Columbia Pictures two-reel comedy short subjects that earned them only a few dollars per week. Twenty-first century American comedians include Jim Carrey, who reached stardom with his movie The Mask. This Canadian who was born on January 17, 1962 in Newmarket, Ontario, is a natural comedian being the class clown at Aldershot in Burlington. Jim realized at a young age that he had a talent in making faces. Jim's family became homeless when his accountant father was fired and replaced by a younger man. Jim and his two other siblings earned a living by cleaning in the factory that his father previously worked in. Jim and his brother John cleaned the first floor, waxing, polishing, dusting, and cleaning toilets. Tim Allen, born as Tim Allan Dick in 1953, may well be considered one of the funniest American comedians whose movies never fail to attract fans and people who simply want to laugh. And yes, you guessed it. Tim was also the class clown. After getting his Bachelor of Science degree, in 1979 he first appeared as a stand-up comedian at Detroit's Comedy Castle. His last name Dick was removed after landing on a stint in a local talk show.


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