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The stock of British comic talents often traverses to the US continent and climb up to Mount Hollywood.
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But back home, these talents hone their routines as a head start for international recognition. Most of the comedy superstars of British origin (i.e. Rowan Atkinson) started their careers as stand-up to television comedians. Most British TV comedians run their shows on the BBC channel. The sitcom Coupling casts six of the hottest British TV comedians, which has a primetime slot. It's won as the Best TV Comedy in the 2003 British Comedy Awards. Sarah Alexander plays as Susan Walker, Gina Bellman as Jane Christie, Richard Mylan as Oliver Morris, Jack Davenport plays the role of Steve Taylor, Kate Isitt as Sally Harper and Ben Miles as Patrick Maitland. Peter Kay starred in the one-off episode "The Services" and a parody/documentary series That Peter Kay Thing, Max and Paddy's Road to Nowhere as well as doing a couple series of Phoenix Nights. His first break was a show at the Edinburgh Fringe where he received a Perrier Award nomination. Comic Eddie Izzard originally performed in several stand-up comedy clubs in London including the famed The Comedy Store, prior to flying to the US and get a break through "Dress to Kill", shown on HBO. Izzard is among the British TV comedians who made to the 2005 Top 100 The Comedian's Comedian voted by fellow comedians and comedy insiders. He's also won two Emmys for his performance in "Dress to Kill". One of the British TV comedians in the series Monty Python was John Cleese whose comedy career started in the mid 60's. The television series Monty Python's Flying Circus series ran from 1969 – 1974. He later split from Python and entered in another series Fawlty Towers, as manager Basil Fawlty, which is considered an example of the finest British comedy. Popular for his television work, such as his double act in "A Bit of Fry and Laurie" with Stephen Fry, comedian Hugh Laurie first appeared on television on the series Jeeves and Wooster. Since 2002, he's been active in several television dramas on BBC One. Continuing on in the list of British TV comedians, Al Murray is no ordinary comic. Murray performs in theaters and was short-listed for an Olivier Award in 2002. His television performances included the series "Time Gentleman Please" where he played the main character. In 2003, The Observer listed him among the 50 funniest acts in British comedy.


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