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Fine gentlemen – a most common impression for the British of these days.
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santana on Wednesday, March 15, 2017, 14:34:12, 4 Months Ago, Comments [0]

Eccentric – a most common connotation pertaining to comedians. British comedians – Eccentric gentlemen? – Could be. All I can say is that British comedians have been gaining more and more recognition in the US. Not just a favorite of impersonators. The British are not only known for their chivalric accent. They’re also known for their branded British comedians. Just a quick browse across London and we’ve got Armstrong and Miller, the duo ala Laurel and Hardy, Arthur Askley, comic veteran honored by the British Comedy Society, Michael Bentine from The Goons to Potty Time, Richard Blackwood, Channel 4’s brightest, Arnold Brown, founder of Scottish-British alternative comedy, Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown, one of the most obscene British comics, Ed Byrne and his funny floppy hair, Rhona Cameron, Scottish gal funny in the first British lesbian sitcom, Steve Coogan behind the Alan Partridge and Paul Calf characters, Peter Cook, one of the greats, Alan Davies, comic TV actor from dramas to advertisements, Les Dawson, another classic, Adrian Edmondson, the anarchic comedian, Ben Elton successful stand-up comedian and writer, Lee Evans, sweaty quirky unique, Stephen Fry, wry writer tailor comic to play Oscar Wilde, Boothby Graffoe, amiable and creative, Jeff Green, British stand-up’s most irresistible rogue, Dave Gorman, the Perrier-nominated, Tony Hancock, 60’s comedy colossus with a tragic story, Frankie Howerd, funny man from the days of yore, Lee Hurst, has his own Backyard Comedy Club, Phil Kay, unpredictable master of mirth, Daniel Kitson with a funny streak of self-belittling image, Mark Lamarr, the 50’s throwback comedian, High Laurie, “A Bit Fry and Laurie” and other sitcoms, Josie Lawrence, improvisation queen British comedy stalwart, Lee and Herring, “This Morning with Richard”, “Not Judy”, “Fist of Fun”, Fred Macaulay, the gospel according to Scottish Saint Fred, Rick Mayall, a Dangerous Brother and 80’s Comedy Store survivor, Paul Merton, “Have I Got News For You”, max Miller, 30’s-50‘s original cheeky chappie, Spike Milligan, the only Spike, Morecambe and Wise, best-loved and fondly-remembered, Neil Mullarkey, “Whose Line Is It Anyway”, Simon Munnery, innovative with his many guises, Rob Newman, writer political activist comedian, Ross Noble, hysterical and elaborate routines gifted, Graham Norton, naughty late night Irish comedian, Simon Pegg, “Spaced”, “Hippies and Big Train” skateboarder, obscure Japanese music lover writer actor comedian, Peter Sellers, the Goon and movie star, Frank Skinner, Laddish comic, Jim Tavare, bizarre with his double bass, Mark Thomas, The Mark Thomas Comedy Product, Johnny Vegas, famous potter’s wheel and Butlins-style sing-along, Tim Vine, wacky master of modern one-liners, Norman Wisdom, old master of pathos and falling over now a Sir. Not enough British comedians eh? What about the only deaf stand-up among British comedians, Steve Day? The comic silent movie star, Charlie Chaplin? Blackadder and mum Mr. Bean, Rowan Atkinson? You’ll hear little British with these three – bloody lighten-up for the queen!


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  • santana

    4 Months Ago, Wednesday, March 15, 2017, 14:34:12

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